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Max Helyer

Dan's Hands.

Title: Dan's Hands.
Author: rebeccs13
Pairing: Josh Franceschi/Dan Flint
Rating: R
Warning: Hand fetishization, handjob, Josh being a perv.
Summary: Josh thought he'd been discrete enough for Dan not to notice his staring.
Author Notes:So I got this from a kink generator (don't judge me) and the first thing that came up was hand fetishization so this was born. I liked writing this.
Disclaimer: Don’t own the boys, just the plot.

Josh has a thing for Dan’s hands.

Well, not a thing, more of an obsession. He has to force himself not to look at Dan’s hands during a show, not to watch the way his fingers twirl the drum sticks, not to think about what those fingers would feel like.

Josh thought he’d been pretty discrete about the whole thing. He thought he’d been sneaky enough for Dan not to notice.

It’s a hotel night and Dan and Josh are rooming. As soon as the door is unlocked Dan calls shotgun on the bed by the window and dashes for the bathroom so he can have first shower.

Josh yells and calls him a wanker through the wall, only to get a laugh and the sound of running water in return. Josh sighs. He’s sweaty and tired and he just wants a fucking shower so he can get clean and curl up in bed. But apparently that isn’t happening; Dan takes the piss in the shower.

Josh lies on Dan’s bed and decides that if Dan’s going to spend ages in the shower Josh is going to lie on his bed, so his is nice and clean still when he’s finally showered and Dan’s is all sweaty. Josh flicks the television on and sees that he’s in time for Match of the Day so he settles down and watches the football.

Just as Josh predicted it’s almost an hour before Dan gets out the shower.

He hears the water shut off and Josh quickly gets on his own bed, focusing back on the television. The door opens and steam floods out into the room along with a burst of warm air. Dan has just a towel wrapped around his waist.

Despite the fact he’s half naked and dripping wet Josh is staring at his hands. He can’t help it. Dan’s holding a shampoo bottle, absently passing it from one hand to the other. It’s a harmless action on Dan’s part, just something he’s doing without thinking about it.

     “Be careful with that shower.” He says.

Josh looks up to his eyes for a split second as he asks, “Why?”

He can’t help his gaze flicking back to Dan’s hands, the way his fingers have curled around the bottle.

     “It goes really hot every ten minutes or so…” Dan trails off, looking at Josh.

Only Josh isn’t looking back at him. At first Dan thinks Josh is looking at his crotch but then he lifts a hand to run through his wet hair and Josh’s eyes follow the movement.


Josh focuses his attention back on Dan’s face when Dan calls his name.

Dan’s eyes are narrowed and there’s a smirk curving his lips. Oh fuck Josh thinks he’s figured it out. Dan has. He’s been adding up all these little things for a few weeks now, filing away little notes about all the looks Josh has been giving him when he thinks Dan’s not looking.

Josh has a thing for Dan’s hands and Dan is going to see how far he can push this.

Dan’s smirk never leaves his face as he tucks his shampoo bottle away, sitting down on the edge of Josh’s bed.

     “Hey did you see that nice cut I got from the fence at our last venue?”

Dan runs his fingers along the edge of a red line on his forearm, his smirk only intensifying as he watches the way Josh’s eyes follow the movement.

Josh whines low in the back of his throat. Dan knows full well what he’s doing.

     “Dan.” Josh breathes, eyes never leaving Dan’s hands.


     “Can you just-?”

     “Can I just what?”

Josh surges forwards, hands tangling in Dan’s hair as theirs lips crash together. There’s nothing romantic about it. Dan just bites on his lip as his hands come up to cup Josh’s face. Josh makes a noise. Dan’s hands.

Josh pulls back and takes Dan’s hands in his own, running his fingers over his palms, knuckles, calluses.

     “How long have you had a thing for my hands for?” Dan asks, letting Josh mess with his fingers.

     “A long time.” Josh breathes.

Dan pushes Josh onto his back and it’s then that Josh becomes aware of the fact Dan is only wearing a towel. Dan runs a hand down Josh’s chest all the way to his tummy. He smiles when he feels the little bit of chub that he loves.

Josh’s breathing shallows significantly as he watches Dan’s fingers work on the buttons of his jeans. As soon as they’re off his legs Dan spits in his hand and then it’s down Josh’s boxers.

Josh gasps the second Dan’s fingers come in contact with his dick. Fuck. Dan grabs Josh and starts working him. It’s slow and Josh’s back arches a little as he groans. He doesn’t want to admit how much Dan’s touch is affecting him but Josh thinks it’s pretty obvious anyway.

Dan moves his hand at a slow, torturous pace, enjoying every whimper slipping past Josh’s lips as he swipes his thumb over the head. Dan tightens his grip every time he goes down as his eyes drink in the view.

 Josh is a mess.

A handjob has never has this effect on him before but then again its Dan’s hands and Josh loves Dan’s hands and god, Dan knows exactly how to work those hands.

Josh whines when Dan stops, pulling his hand out of Josh’s boxers.

That smirk is set back on his lips and fuck, Josh has never found Dan more attractive than he does now. Dan moves so he’s lying on his side next to Josh and Josh turns onto his side as well.

Dan’s hand is back in his boxers and back around his dick and Josh lets out another groan, toes curling and cramping up slightly.

Josh goes to kiss Dan again but Dan moves back a little bit and instead offers two fingers from his other hand to Josh, pressing them against Josh’s lips. Josh takes Dan’s hand and starts sucking on his fingers. Josh can’t quite believe this is happening.

     “Have you ever thought about what my fingers would feel like inside you?” Dan asks, his eyes look a little bit darker and his voice is just a little bit deeper.

Josh nods eagerly, licking between Dan’s fingers and all the way over. Much too soon for Josh’s liking Dan’s pulling his fingers away but then his hand is down the back of Josh’s boxers and oh. Josh tangles his fingers into Dan’s hair and kisses him. It’s hot and heavy and there’s a lot of tongue.

Josh groans into the kiss when Dan’s fingers press inside him, the stretch. It’s an overload of sensations. Dan gives Josh a second to adjust and then he’s moving his fingers, pressing against that spot and coaxing more whimpers and gasps from the singer.

Josh tightens his fingers into Dan’s hair as Dan twists his wrist just so and that’s it, that’s all Josh can take.

His whole body arches into Dan and he comes with a moan of Dan’s name, it’s soft and under his breath and Dan’s not sure if he even said it. Dan woks him through it, slowing his hand down as Josh’s cum spills over his fist. For a minute all that can be heard is the sound of Josh’s breathing.

     “I fuckin’ love your hands.”


Oh my gosh, that was brilliant! I have to agree that Dan's hands are amazing ;)
yeah I may have a thing for his hands... YEY thankies :D
Dan's hands are perfect omg just yes. Asdfghjkl thank youuuuu :)