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Max Helyer


Title: Humiliation
Author: rebeccs13
Pairing: Main: Josh Franceschi/Dan flint  Other: Josh Franceschi/ Matt Kean, /Matt Nicholls, /Oliver Sykes, /Jona Weinhofen

Rating: Definitely Nc-17 bro
Warning: Humiliation, sex, dirty words, blowjobs, people jerking off, i guess it counts as BDSM too... 
Summary: Josh gets tied to the table and wrote on.
Author Notes: MARINA THIS IS YOUR FAULT DO YOU HEAR ME? But I'm happy with this, I think it went pretty well for my first time writing a humiliation fic. 
Disclaimer: Don’t own the boys, just the plot.

Josh is still asleep in bed when Dan gets back from the store. Dan put’s the crate of beer he’s bought for later down in the kitchen and sighs when he notices the fact that Josh isn’t there. He’ll still be in bed then. Dan decides he’ll let him sleep a little longer; Josh had a rough night last night. It’s just gone noon and everyone will be arriving within the next hour or so.

Dan makes coffee and toast and carries it up to the bedroom, setting it down on Josh’s nightstand. Josh looks uneasy, even in his sleep and Dan thinks that maybe he’d pushed him just a bit too far last night with the way he was insulting him. Josh had been genuinely upset afterwards and hadn’t let Dan touch or talk to him. Dan still feels guilty as fuck but that’s not going to stop him from doing what he planned today.

     “Josh.” Dan shakes him gently. “Wake up.”

Josh makes a little sleepy noise and stretches, his bones popping. He groans and falls back into the pillows, cracking his eyes open a little.



Josh sits up and takes the plate of toast and the mug of coffee. He’s looking at Dan but it’s a little distant. Dan had informed Josh of what would be happening today the day before but Josh doesn’t know if Dan will actually make him go through with it, especially after last night. Dan gives him a look and Josh quickly realizes that yes, Dan is going to make him do exactly what he’d told him. Josh sighs and eats his toast.

     “You know how I want you presented, you have half an hour to shower and do whatever else then come downstairs to me.”

Dan leaves Josh to it and goes back downstairs, getting out the snacks he’d bought. He empties everything into individual bowls and lays them out on the coffee table, putting the crate of beer next to it. He cracks open a beer and sits down, flicking on the television as he waits for Josh to appear.

Dan hears various sounds of movement upstairs and sure enough, within half an hour, Josh crawls into the room, he’s naked and his collar is on and his lead dangling from his mouth. He crawls to Dan’s feet and Dan takes the end of the lead from his mouth. Josh is staring at the floor and it vaguely crosses Dan’s mind that maybe he really is pushing Josh too far but he ignores it, he has friends to please after all.

He ties Josh’s lead to a leg of the coffee table.


Josh moves so his forearms are pressed to the floor, his ass in the air and holds the position. It was uncomfortable the first few times Dan had him hold this position but Josh had quickly become accustom to it. Dan leaves the room and gets the markers, putting them on the floor next to Josh. Josh knows what this means. They’re permanent too. It’ll take Josh weeks to wash off and every time he looks in the mirror he’ll see what they’ve wrote, see what people think of him.

Josh hates being humiliated but Dan loves to watch it so Josh has no choice.

The doorbell rings and Josh resigns himself to the fact he’s going to have to deal with this. Dan gets up to open the door and Josh hears five voices. There’s Dan’s voice, two he’s heard before and two he hasn’t.

     “So come on, show us where it is.” That’s a voice Josh hasn’t heard before. He hates when they refer to him as it.

     “Alright.” Dan says, leading his friends into the room. “Here he is.”

Josh is glad Dan isn’t referring to him as it too.

The two new people walk around him, looking at him. If Josh can remember the voices correctly the other two people standing behind him are someone called Oliver and someone called Matt, although he’s referred to as Nicholls mostly. Dan is standing next to Josh; he hands one of the two people Josh doesn’t know a marker.  

     “I’m gonna write something first.” Dan says, picking up a fine tipped marker.

Josh squeezes his eyes shut. He doesn’t want to see the looks on the faces of the people around him; he wants to pretend there’s no one else in the room and this isn’t really happening.

Dan smirks and bites the cap of his sharpie between his teeth, pulling it off. He grabs Josh’s face rather roughly and jerks his head up. Josh’s eyes open momentarily but he quickly closes them again, repeating to himself this isn’t happening over and over again in his head. It’s the only way he gets through it.

Dan presses the edge of the pen to Josh’s cheek and starts to write, drawing a little arrow when he’s done.

Josh’s cheek reads Property of Daniel Flint with an arrow pointing to his mouth.

     “No one comes in his mouth.” Dan says and Josh is grateful for that. Josh hates the taste of cum. “Go on Jona. Add something.”

Josh feels the man named Jona lean over him and words are being written diagonally from his shoulder blade down to the middle of his back.

Dan smirks. He loves this.

     “Jona thinks you’re a cock slut.” Dan says, narrating the words Jona has just written on his back.

Josh keeps his eyes squeezed tight shut.

     “I wan’ a go.” That’s Nicholls. Josh can tell; he has a very distinctive voice.

Dan watches as Jona hands Nicholls the marker. Nicholls opts for the opposite shoulder blade and writes in a straight line. Dan watches as the words Dirty Cunt are inked onto Josh’s skin.

     “Come on, you can do better than that.” Dan says.

Oliver has the marker next.

     “Kneel up.” He instructs.

Josh’s eyes flick to Dan to check whether it’s okay to.

     “Do as he says.”

Josh moves so he’s kneeling, hands behind his back. Josh feels the sharpie on his skin again, across his stomach. Oliver is writing in big letters, an arrow being drawn afterwards. Josh looks down and bites his cheek. He drops back down so his forearms are resting on the floor again as a tear drips from his eye. Dan’s the only one that sees. Josh is now sporting the word Pathetic across his stomach with an arrow drawn towards his cock.

Dan doesn’t feel guilty. He will after, he knows he will, but he enjoys it while he can.

     “Your turn Vegan.”

Josh presumes the man with no tattoos to be Vegan.

Dan watches the sharpie being pressed to the skin of Josh’s lower back as the words Anal Bitch are written in slightly messy hand writing. Dan notices the way Josh has got his head dropped low and isn’t moving at all. Dan might reward him later for being good.

Vegan hands the marker back to Dan and Dan kneels behind Josh; Josh feels Dan’s hand on his ass, spreading him. Josh grits his teeth and tries not to flinch as the sharpie presses to sensitive skin as Dan draws a circle around his hole, writing cum across the top of one of his ass cheeks and here across the top of the other, drawing two arrows pointing inwards.

Josh doesn’t have to see to know what Dan’s wrote. Then Josh is being pulled up and Dan is in front of him, writing in large words right across his chest SEX TOY. Dan looks down briefly and sees the word pathetic with an arrow. He knows Josh will scrub his skin raw later trying to get that word off. Dan knows it won’t come off.

     “Who’s fucking his ass and mouth?” Dan asks.

     “Dibs on the ass.” That’s Oliver’s voice.

     “I get the mouth.” Josh looks up; it’s Vegan that spoke.

Dan pulls Josh up onto his hands and knees by his hair and when he moves away Vegan is there right in front of him. He unzips his jeans, gets his cock out and Josh doesn’t even have time to open his mouth before it’s being shoved down his throat and Josh gags until Vegan pulls back enough for him to breathe. Josh breathes in harshly through his nose, eyes tearing up a little as Vegan grabs his hair and chokes him down until Josh’s lips are tight around the base. Vegan holds Josh there and Josh keeps gagging, trying to breathe in but finding it very difficult.

     “Vegan.” Dan says. “He’s not used to that, give him gaps to let him breathe.”

Josh is very grateful for Dan in that moment as Vegan pulls back and lets josh breathe.

     “Suck it cunt.” Vegan says.

Josh does. He knows Dan won’t be happy with him if he doesn’t. He sucks and licks, trying his best to get Vegan off. The quicker he gets Vegan off the quicker this can be over with.

Josh hears the cap of lube pop and he braces himself. He feels the press and then Oliver is pushing in. Josh tires not to bite Vegan’s dick. He knows that wouldn’t go down well. It doesn’t hurt too badly but it’s still not an entirely pleasant feeling. Josh focuses back on Vegan who still has hold of his hair. Josh goes down a bit as he feels hips snap into his ass and oh. Oliver just caught his spot. It clearly wasn’t intentional and Josh knows Oliver isn’t aware of what he’s done because it doesn’t happen again.

Josh goes down a little further and Vegan’s hands tighten into his hair and he takes back control as he starts fucking Josh’s face. Josh just bares it, focusing on the feeling of Oliver inside him. He’d rather it be Dan but he knows that’s probably not happening tonight.

Josh hears various noises, pants and soft moans and he figures that the other two men are jerking off. Dan isn’t, he’s just watching, his hand pressed flat to the front of his shorts.

Then all of a sudden the dick is gone from Josh’s mouth and it’s right in front of him. Vegan wanks a couple of times and then he’s gone, spilling over Josh’s face but not in his mouth.

Dan steps forwards and presses two fingers into Josh’s mouth, pulling his jaw down and making him drool all over the floor. Josh shuts his eyes again. He hates it when Dan does this. He doesn’t fight it though; he’ll get slapped if he does.

Josh feels something warm hit his back and there’s a groan behind him. He doesn’t know if it was Nicholls or Jona but Josh thinks it doesn’t matter anyway as the other is coming a few seconds later, hitting him from a different angle.

Josh feels a stinging slap on his ass and he gasps, eyes snapping open. That had to have been Oliver.

Josh’s theory is proved correct when there’s a low growl of “Tighten up bitch.”

Josh squeezes around Oliver’s dick and Oliver groans. Dan is still holding his mouth open and spit is dripping down his chin when Oliver finally comes. It’s then that Josh realizes there was no condom involved but Josh knows Dan wouldn’t have let them do this if they weren’t clean so he doesn’t worry about it.

Everyone sorts themselves out and just before they all leave Dan takes his fingers out of Josh’s mouth but Josh doesn’t manage to swallow so he literally drools all over himself.

Josh doesn’t look up but there are various murmurs of slut and whore as the people leave the room and Dan unties his lead then shows them out. Josh just kneels there numbly but as soon as he hears the click of the lock he breaks down and cries. Dan is by his side in seconds, pulling Josh into his lap and stroking a hand down his back as Josh’s tears drip onto his shoulder.

     “Shh baby, you did so well.”

Dan’s words do nothing to comfort Josh and just as Dan predicted Josh spends a long time in the shower, trying in vain to scrub the words from his skin, and just as Dan predicted he feels guilty.


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omg I didn't mean to kill you xD whoops