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Max Helyer

Fic Rec List

Doing this because I'm procrastinating :D I'll add more as I go.

Firstly if you want to read ymas porn go straight here and don't stop to sniff the roses. I would add my favourites to this list but then it would be 90% Marina's work then 10% of other peoples. 

Frerard: Okay I don't even read Frerard anymore but I will never stop reading these ones because perfect.

A Splitting of the Mind - Nc-17. Chaptered. One of my favourite fics of all time. This is just such a mind fuck and the plot is just so brilliant and completely original and I want to just have this as a book because I'd read it repeatedly. Gerard suffers from schizophrenia and lives in a mental institution and Frank (a rape victim) arrives. This is just plot twist after plot twist and it's perfect. I don't care if I get shit for it but it's better that tdk ok. 

The Anatomy of a Fall - Nc-17. Chaptered. This is just pure fucking brilliance okay. Go read it. Now. Gerard moves school and meets Frank but Frank is a little different.


Poison - Nc-17. Chaptered. Alex is a prostitute and Jack is a keeper. ASVAJGDHSJKADKJHSAL this is one of my favourites of all time it's just perfect and omg precious babies. It's perfect fucking fuck. (There's a spin off of this written by a different writer and it's a bit of Rian and Zack's side of the story and this is also perfect and if you read poison you should read this afterwards. I'd be lying if I told you Oneshot.)

A Beautiful Disaster - Nc-17. Chaptered. THIS DRAWS WITH POISON. Okay this is one of my favourite fics of all time but it's still in progress. Alex meets Jack and Jack is used to having people at his beck and call so when Alex doesn't show interest in him he tries to fight for him but Jack is an ass (ahaha jackass ahaha) and lots of things go wrong and Alex is a mess but this is perf.

 Faded Moon - R. Oneshot. Alex is a very broken person and Jack is very whole. This is brilliant.


Don't Let Me Go - Nc-17. Oneshot. First time sex. It's super cute. That is all.

I'll Be the Devil If That Suits You - Nc-17. Oneshot. William takes control in the bedroom. This is hot. 

Miscommunication - Pg-13. Oneshot. William and Gabe have a bus stop romance. This is just stupidly perfect.


Fly Away - Pg-13. Oneshot. Ryan wants to fly away with the birds. I cried a stupid amount reading this ok.

Random pairings:

Alex Gaskarth/Gabe Saporta
In Which it's Valentines Day and Gabe Buys Alex Roses - NC-17. Oneshot. Basically Gabe buys Alex roses and they act as some sort of aphrodisiac and they have a lot of sex. It's good.

Alex Gaskarth/Matt Flyzik 
Stay Awake - Nc-17. Oneshot. Matt is a jealous idiot.

Alex Gaskarth/Rian Dawson (yes I ship it deal with it)
Secret Safe Behind A Pretty Smile - Rian sends Alex love letters but Alex is a complete naive moron and this is the cutest thing to ever cute the cute. 

William Beckett/Travis McCoy
Take Me Or Leave Me - Nc-17. Two Parts. I can not even begin to describe my love for this. Okay basically William is a stripper and Travis goes to the strip club and one thing leads to another and Travis finds out he's on drugs, steals his stash and basically causes William to go into withdrawal then he looks after him then there's a plot twist and I've read this a stupid amount of times I could probably recite it word for word. It's perfect.

Adam Lambert/Kris Allen
The Tie - Nc-17. Chaptered. THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER. I CANNOT EVEN EXPRESS HOW MUCH LOVE I HAVE FOR THIS SERIOUSLY. Adam is a recovering victim of rape and Kris finds his way into his life and helps him get better but trust me it's not that straight forward and this is the most accurate characterization and most well-written thing I have ever read it's perfect.

Max Helyer/Tom Sykes

tsdtd - Nc-17. Oneshot. This is basically Max and Tom finding the most awkward way possible to fall in love and it's perfect.

Gabe Saporta/William Beckett/Brendon Urie

You'll Rebel to Anything - Nc-17. Chaptered. This is pure brilliance. It's polygamous so if you don't like that then turn around now but basically it's lots and lots of kinky sex but still a brilliant plot and I've read this at least 10 times. It's amazing.

3 parts:
Okay now what this is is it's a 3 part story but it's the same story, 3 times but centering around a different couple every time. It's really good. They're all Nc-17 and they're all in order.

Truths That We All Try to Hide - Zack Merrick/Matt Flyzik.

Pulled Me to the Stairs - Alex Gaskarth/John O'Callaghan

Won't Stop Holding On - Jack Barakat/Rian Dawson



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