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Max Helyer

Discipline and Punishment

Title: Discipline and Punishment
Author: rebeccs13
Pairing: Josh Franceschi/Dan Flint

Rating: Very hard R borderline Nc-17
Warning: Daddy/Baby BDSM relationship, spanking and paddling.
Summary: When Josh doesn't do everything on the list Dan teaches him how to behave
Author Notes: Fun, this was fun
Dedications: Marina for giving me this fabulous idea and also because she is queen for putting up with all the douchebags harassing her about 69 shades. This is for youuuu marinaaaa
Disclaimer: Don’t own the boys, just the plot.

The orders were clear. Dan had left a list of things Josh had to do that day and they were all easily achievable but Josh fell asleep on the sofa watching re-runs of Family Guy around noon so he’s only finished half the list. He’s cleaned the house and sorted Dan’s washing but he was supposed to go grocery shopping and pick up his suit for Matt’s brother’s wedding from the dry cleaners on the way home.

But he hasn’t done it.

Dan won’t be happy.

The sound of a loud yell on the television jolts Josh awake and he realizes Family Guy has finished an there’s some show on where two guys are yelling at each other, something about a girlfriend sleeping with a cousin of someone. It’s then that the coin falls in the slot and Josh shoots bolt upright.

“Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.”

He presses the button on his phone that makes his screen light up and panics when he sees 16:44 on the screen.

Dan gets home at five.


Josh runs around the house like a lunatic for ten minutes, trying desperately to get all of Dan’s laundry off the clothes line and folded away in the basket.

Josh hears keys in the front door and the click of the lock just as he’s putting Dan’s clothes away. He freezes on the spot as he hears footsteps downstairs then the noise of the fridge door opening. He holds his breath and counts to three.

One, two, th- “JOSH!”

Josh sighs, shoulders dropping a little as he sets the laundry basket in the bottom of the wardrobe, taking his sweet time to get to the kitchen. He stands in the doorway, hands behind his back, eyes on the floor.

“Yes Daddy?” Josh asks, feigning innocence.

Dan smirks. If Josh is going to play innocent then he can too.

Dan opens his arms and Josh is quick to fold himself into the embrace, arms wrapping around Dan’s middle, hands resting on his lower back.

“Did you have a good day Baby Boy?” Dan asks, voice dripping sincerity as he kisses the top of Josh’s head.

“Yes Daddy. I fell asleep at lunch.”

Dan hums. “And is that why the fridge is empty and my suit is still at the dry cleaners I presume?”

Josh’s mouth goes dry. “I’m sorry Daddy.” Josh mumbles, resting his head on Dan’s shoulder and hoping that if he sounds and looks like he really is sorry Dan will let him off.

Oh no.

“You’re sorry?” Dan asks, purposefully keeping his voice soft to lull Josh into a false sense of security.

“Yes Daddy, very sorry.”

Dan’s fingers stroke through Josh’s hair, settling on the nape of his neck.

“Well Baby Boy I guess if you’re very sorry… I don’t care and you can get your ass in the front room now and sit on the floor and wait for me to decide just how well you need to be punished.”

Dan probably shouldn’t be as happy as he is about the fact Josh tenses just a little in his arms.

“Yes Daddy.”

Dan lets go of Josh and watches as he sulks off to the living room, smiling to himself because Josh is such a child that their relationship roles couldn’t be any more perfectly suited.

Dan spends his sweet time going through his box of impact toys he keeps down in the basement, eventually settling on a good, old-fashioned wooden paddle. He’s going give Josh some nice marks with this.

Josh is sitting in the middle of the floor in the living room, legs crossed and eyes on the floor. Dan slips the paddle down in between the cushions of the sofa so Josh doesn’t know he has it.

Josh watches as Dan sits on the sofa, adjusting himself before beckoning Josh over with one finger. Josh swallows hard. 

“Pants and boxers off, over my lap.” Dan orders, tone of voice leaving absolutely no room for argument whatsoever.

“Yes Daddy.”

Josh strips off his sweatpants and folds them just to delay the process, setting them on the coffee table along with his boxers. Dan grabs Josh by his waist and roughly yanks him down across his lap, manhandling him so Josh’s upper body is over his legs, knees on the floor.

“Ten. Count them.”

Josh bites his lip to stop himself smirking because ten spanks is nothing compared to some of the punishments Dan has given him. He’s gotten off light… So he thinks.

Josh gasps when the first whack hits directly across the middle of his ass, force of the smack making his knees drag against the carpet and his whole body rock forwards more onto Dan’s lap. The sting of the initial impact turns into this hot heat.

Josh barely has time to compose himself and say: “One Daddy,” before the next hit is stinging his flesh. Dan’s definitely working hard to leave a perfect handprint.

“Two Daddy.” Josh gasps.

Whack. Sting.

“Three Daddy.” Josh grits out because Dan definitely puts all his power behind he smacks.

Four comes with more bite than the other three, purposely focused more towards the top of Josh’s thighs where Dan knows there’s less padding and more pain. Josh twists his fingers together and his teeth sink into his lip to stop himself making any noise.

“Four Daddy.”

The next one is by far the hardest and Josh whimpers quietly, head hanging low and ass high in the air.

“Five Daddy.”

Dan rubs his hand over the curve of Josh’s ass, smirking to himself because Josh has no idea what’s coming next. There’s a nice red glow to his skin now but Dan sighs because it’s not good enough. He wants dark purple bruises; he wants Josh to not be able to sit right for a week.

Without a sound Dan grips the handle of the paddle and silently pulls it from between the cushions.

“Keep counting.”

Dan smirks as he lifts the paddle, bringing it down with a loud crack against Josh’s ass.

Josh screams, hands going to cover his ass as he kicks his legs, almost falling off Dan’s lap as he dry-sobs, tears building behind his eyes.

“S-Six Daddy.” Josh stutters, a lump clogging his throat.

“Stop struggling. Get back on my lap and stay fucking still Boy.”

Josh whimpers, shifting back onto Dan’s lap. Dan looks at Josh’s ass and smiles. There’s already a dark purple bruise forming right across the middle of both his ass cheeks.

The next swing of the paddle has Josh screaming and crying again, tears dripping from his eyes now as his fingers tighten into the denim of Dan’s jeans.

“Seven Daddy.” Josh cries, resting his forehead against Dan’s leg.

Dan loves the noises Josh makes when he uses the paddle.

With eight Josh’s voice cracks as he yells, crying openly and freely now because Dan’s using the worst paddle; it’s thick and completely solid with no bend, forming a new bruise every time.

“Eight D-Daddy.”

There’s another loud smack and Josh’s teeth sink so far into his lip he can taste a little blood as he whimpers, nearly falling off Dan’s lap with the impact of the blow.

“Nine Daddy.”

The final hit is another right across the centre of Josh’s ass, making him scream and sob because Dan’s already smacked him there once so he’s hitting an already-formed bruise, raising blood to the surface and creating these dark red splotches amongst the purple.

“T-Ten Daddy.” Josh cries, sniffing and wiping his eyes.

Dan sets the paddle down on the sofa next to him and helps Josh up, getting him back into his boxers as Josh’s tears drip onto the floor. Josh holds Dan’s shoulders as he steps one foot at a time back into his boxers. He whimpers as the material is pulled over his thoroughly bruised ass.

Dan pulls Josh down sideways into his lap, parting his legs a little so Josh sits between them and isn’t putting any pressure on the bruises. Josh winds his arms around Dan’s neck and hides his face in his chest.

“Now what do you say?”

Josh sniffs. “Thank you for punishing me Daddy. Thank you for teaching me how to be a good boy.”

“Alright Baby Boy.” Dan says, rubbing his hand slowly up and down Josh’s back until the crying stops and he’s breathing calmly again with just the occasional sniff. “I want you to fetch my suit and the shopping tomorrow and if you fall asleep again we’ll see how your pretty little ass looks after twenty.”


i'm ugly crying
this will be going on my fic rec list now